About The Winter Group

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The Winter Group, a boutique consulting firm, has successfully developed innovative solutions for a diverse clientele ranging from small businesses to large government agencies since 1987. 

Michael Winter - Sr Technology Consultant

No one knows as much about as many different pieces of the puzzle

Michael Winter, founder and Sr Technology Consultant of The Winter Group, is a forward thinking IT professional with extensive technical experience deploying global hardware and software for non-profit and start-up companies, corporations of varying sizes, and Federal / State / Local government agencies. He has demonstrated strengths in strategic planning, tactical implementation, and management of diverse technical teams.  Further, he has a proven ability to successfully analyze an organization's critical business requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities, and communicate technical requirements to vital departments. Moreover, he has received numerous awards and accolades for exhibiting excellence in performance and productivity including recognition from President Bill Clinton and The Department of Defense.


  • Managed all core IT and technical user support needs for non-profit organization, inlcuding replacing outdated hardware. Along with 25 new workstations, a new server was deployed.  The organization's internal and external networks were reworked to provide enhanced realiabilty and speed along with multiple security layers and secure remote connectivity. A new multi-segment gigabit internal LAN was implemtned supporting 25 workstations, 4 servers, and a SIP IPBX solution for 25 users.  All was scheduled and executed in a manner that produced no down time for users or interruptions to daily operations.
  • Built and managed the complete corporate Information Technology infrastructure for a startup global biotech company.  This included offices with network connectivity in the US, Spain and Singapore. Configuration supported a Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Sages’ MAS500, Primary & Backup Domain Controllers, and IIS. It included several corporate web sites and an online sales site capable of 10,000 transactions daily.
  • Built innovative, award winning, large-scale, securely networked intelligence gathering and analysis systems for Federal Government agencies including CIA, DIA, NDIC, DOE, NCIS, and JSOC. This required classified access, extensive international travel, and specialized knowledge of intelligence gathering procedures.
  • Successfully built and managed IT infrastructure for several companies by providing strategy, design, and implementation of a complete IT solution within a diverse client base. This included two separate projects in the retail consumer sector that utilized automated self-serve “kiosk” platforms.